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Experience the magic of a well-planned transformation with Arch By DYM Builders' residential interior design services. Our exceptional team of interior designers is dedicated to turning your interior design dreams into captivating realities. Serving LA, Dallas, and Orange County, we specialize in creating custom, stylish solutions tailored to your unique taste and lifestyle.

Discover endless design possibilities with our interior design company. We transform spaces into reflections of your personality, crafting harmonious environments that inspire.

Interior Design Projects

Get inspired for your upcoming build with some of our recent Interior Design projects, executed by our professional team of interior designers.

Arch | Your Interior Design Company

At Arch, we seamlessly blend organic interior design principles with our profound construction expertise, giving rise to distinctive and actionable spaces.

Our core belief is that every space has the potential to embody both exquisite aesthetics and practical functionality. With meticulous planning, any vision can take form!

Our accomplished team of designers endowed with extensive experience and profound knowledge. We bring your aspirations to life, crafting environments that harmonize innovation and practicality.

Our Interior Design Process

Introductory Meeting

With an Interior Designer Near You

First, you’ll meet with an Arch interior designer in your area to discuss your vision and requirements for your new space, including colors, materials, themes and needs. During this meeting, we will analyze your space in order to design a practical layout.

Choosing the Materials

For Your Interior Design Project

As an Interior Design Company, we have access to a global network of vendors that allow us to source unique interior design materials at the best prices. We specialize in creating custom items and ensuring timely delivery of your project. Our “Personal Shopping” service, available both in-person and online, provides personalized assistance in selecting the perfect pieces for your space with the professional input of the interior designer in your area.

Creating the Design

According to your specific requirements, our interior designers and design team will create interior designs that encompass 3D models, comprehensive floor plans, implementation of selected materials and furnishings. We take pride in our design versatility and possess both experience and passion to adapt to any style or vision. Keeping up with cutting edge technology, we are also implementing AR and VR systems into our workflows.

Final Design Review

Upon completing the final set of designs, and prior to submitting the plans for approval, we will conduct a thorough review to seamlessly integrate the planning, interior design, and structural elements. With customer endorsement, Arch by DYM will submit the comprehensive collection of designs to the appropriate city authorities and will monitor the approval process.

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Arch isn’t your everyday design firm. We know that your project is crucially important. You deserve plans that fit your budget and lifestyle and are easily transferable to a construction company. From your first consultation to the day we deliver your blueprints, Arch is here to communicate with you and make sure all of your needs are met.

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Arch Service Areas

At Arch, our commitment to providing exceptional Interior Designer services spans diverse regions, focusing particularly on prominent areas including Orange County, Dallas, and Los Angeles. These key locations serve as the foundation of our service network, designed to cater to the distinctive design needs of businesses and individuals in these thriving hubs. However, our dedication to delivering top-notch design solutions goes beyond these locales. For those curious about the availability of our services in their area, we invite you to explore the comprehensive insights provided on our About Us page or to directly connect with us through our provided contact channels. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re dedicated to assisting you with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

How to Find an Interior Designer Near Me?

In case we don't service your area here is a quick guide from a professional on how to find an interior designer near you, you can follow these steps:

1. Social Media Platforms:

Check platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. Interior designers often showcase their work on these platforms, and you might be able to find local designers through location-based hashtags or searches.

2. Online Directories:

There are various online directories specifically for finding local service providers, including interior designers. Websites like Houzz, Thumbtack, and Yelp allow you to search for professionals based on your location.

3. Online Search Engines:

Use search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to look for "interior designers near me" or "interior designers in [your city or location]." This should provide you with a list of interior designers in your area.

4. Word of Mouth:

Ask friends, family members, or colleagues if they know of any good interior designers in your area. Recommendations from people you trust can be valuable.

5. Interior Design Associations:

Check if there are any local or regional interior design associations. These organizations often have directories of their members that you can browse through.

6. Local Magazines and Newspapers:

Look through local magazines and newspapers, as they might feature articles or advertisements about local interior designers.

7. Visit Home and Design Shows:

Attend home and design expos, fairs, or shows in your area. These events usually feature booths or displays by various interior designers.

8. Consult Furniture and Home Decor Stores:

Visit furniture stores or home decor shops in your area. They might have recommendations or partnerships with local interior designers.

9. Online Reviews and Ratings:

Once you've identified potential designers, read online reviews and ratings from their previous clients. This can give you insights into their work quality and professionalism.

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