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As a designbuild firm we specialize in planning and design on one hand, while providing comprehensive construction services on the other hand.

DYM Builders encompass a wide range of civil construction and commercial construction services, we also provide various remodeling services such as home additions, home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and more.

Via DYM landscaping we offer landscaping, hardscaping services and top notch landscaping products. 

 Via Arch – our design firm we create magnificent designs and blueprints for both residential and commercial projects. 

A design-build firm is a type of construction and project delivery company that offers both design and construction services under one roof. Unlike the traditional approach where a project owner hires separate entities for design and construction (an architect or designer, and a general contractor), a design-build firm combines these two essential components into a single team.

In a design-build setup, the firm typically includes architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals who collaborate closely to streamline the project from concept to completion. This integrated approach often leads to greater efficiency, cost savings, and smoother communication throughout the project lifecycle. Design-build firms are known for providing a more cohesive and coordinated process, which can be advantageous for clients looking for a streamlined and holistic approach to their construction or renovation projects.

We have 2 branches in California:

Los Angeles, CA:

1050 South Grand Ave. #1906,

Los Angeles, CA 90015


Orange County, CA:

2372 Morse Ave. #987,

Irvine, CA 92614


And our new location in Dallas, TX:

5301 Alpha Rd. #80,

Dallas, TX 75240

DYM Builders was founded in 2018 by Jade and David, who together bring over a decade of experience in the construction business. DYM-Builders rose to prominence during the challenges of the pandemic, fueled by a vision to revolutionize the construction and remodeling industry through innovative approaches.

We completely understand your concerns regarding the scale of businesses in our industry. DYM Builders does indeed have multiple branches, including our presence in Texas with our Dallas location. However, it’s important to highlight that DYM Builders is, at its core, a family-oriented business. Our owners are based in California, where they actively manage the company and ensure a client-centered approach. Whether you’re at one of our branches or dealing with us remotely, you’ll receive the personal attention and care that is central to our identity. In fact, either Jade or David, the co-founders, will personally meet with you during the consultation, and they will continue to oversee and manage your project, ensuring that we maintain our commitment to every client, regardless of the number of branches.

Our planning department adeptly handles a workload of 10-12 projects concurrently. However, when it comes to our construction department, we take a ’boutique’ approach, deliberately keeping it small-scale. This deliberate choice allows us to provide each customer with an exceptional level of service and meticulous attention to detail. As such, we limit our construction projects to no more than 6-8 at a time, ensuring that every project receives the highest quality of care and focus.

We are proud to have four dedicated crews that have been an integral part of our team, working alongside David and Jade for a remarkable 5 to 10 years. Their experience and commitment reflect the quality and reliability you can expect when you choose us for your projects.

At DYM Builders, we believe in a streamlined and transparent project process:

  • Site Inspection & Consultation:

Our project manager visits your location.

Discusses project scope, processes, and answers questions.

Creates a tailored proposal, be it a full project proposal or a preliminary one,  based on your needs.

  • Design Excellence:

We provide design consulting, whether through complimentary or paid services.

Our focus is on enhancing aesthetics and functionality to ensure a portfolio we take pride in.

  • Final Proposal:

Once designs or plans (or both) are set, we present a detailed proposal.

Preparation for Construction:

Our office compiles a comprehensive purchase list.

We assist in sourcing and acquiring all necessary finish items.

Pre-Construction Walk-Through:

Align project specifics with your project manager and foreman.

  • Project execution and Communication:

We establish a group chat with you, your project manager, and our office.

You receive weekly updates, schedules, and photos, even if you’re away.

Our mission is to enhance your project’s value, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring your satisfaction and a remarkable portfolio.

Yes, absolutely. We have a dedicated team with expertise in hillside construction. Over the years, we have successfully completed projects in challenging hillside locations, including Topanga Canyon, the hills, and Laguna Beach.

Dont worry about it! You got to the right place, this is why you go with a design build firm.

Design consultant is an integral service that we provide, whether it is a complimentary consultation or one of the paid design services. 

Our project manager does provide a complimentary design consultation. He/she will help you to create a concept for the room, source materials and make sure that all the materials and color scheme work together. 

It is important for us to add value to your project and take care of the estethich as well as the functionality of the space. At the end of the day we want to take pride in our portfolio. 


No, all our projects are handled by our in-house teams.

No, all our projects are handled by our in-house teams.

Yes, we certainly do. Our firm has a dedicated team of experts with extensive experience in commercial architecture and engineering to meet your specific project needs.

Our standard insurance covers ongoing residential projects, and we can add specialized coverage as needed, tailored to the project’s unique requirements and endorsements.”

We have ongoing projects in various locations:

In Orange County:
    • Dana Point
    • Newport
    • Irvine
    • Costa Mesa
    • Fullerton
    • Tustin
    • Santa Ana
In the Los Angeles area:
    • South Bay area
    • Burbank
    • Studio City
    • Downtown LA
    • Venice
    • Santa Monica
Our reach extends to these areas, allowing us to serve a diverse range of clients in both Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. We also have amazing projects in the Dallas area To view our projects visit our portfolio here:

Yes, we are capable of working with plans of any kind. However, before you proceed with that approach, allow me to explain why we recommend considering a design-build company instead.

First, when you hire separate professionals, they tend to focus solely on their specific expertise without considering how their work impacts the overall construction process. This can lead to potential budget overruns or unmet expectations in the final result.

As a design-build company, we meticulously manage the intricate relationship between planning, designing, and construction, ensuring that all parties involved share a common understanding and work towards the same desired outcome.

Second, successful project execution often requires ongoing observation and continuous communication between the architect, engineer, and contractor. Unexpected obstacles can arise, and without a dedicated intermediary to manage these aspects, you may find yourself inadvertently taking on the role of a project manager, which can be frustrating.

With our design-build approach, our architect and engineer remain actively engaged throughout the entire process until the project passes its final inspection.

Lastly, it’s essential to note that not all “Design-Build” claims by contractors are genuine. Some contractors merely refer you to their vendors after the planning phase and hope to secure the project later. We are a bona fide design-build company deeply involved at every stage—planning, design, and construction. You’ll have the same project manager overseeing the entire process from your initial meeting until project completion. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate project forecast before any commitments are made. After all, if the project doesn’t align with your budget, it’s best to address this concern before investing in the planning phase.

Why DYM?

The teams at DYM Builders & Arch Design Studio take a strategic approach to each project, working closely with clients to understand their individual needs and creating seamless solutions to bring their vision to life.

At DYM Builders & Arch Design Studio, we handle all stages of the design-build process in-house, so everybody is always on the same page. Our expert crew will provide you with a seamless experience, from drafting the initial designs to putting the finishing touches on your completed project.

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