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Searching for a reliable general contractor in Newport Beach? Look no further than DYM Builders. Our team offers a wide range of professional services and is committed to bringing your construction visions to life. Much like Newport Beach itself, where coastal beauty meets artistic elegance, our expertise guarantees that your project will mirror the breathtaking shores, verdant landscapes, and vibrant atmosphere that Newport Beach is renowned for.

Why choose DYM Builders as your Newport Beach Contractor?

Newport Beach is a symphony of pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and an indomitable artistic soul. At DYM Builders, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re crafting experiences. Drawing inspiration from the organic beauty of Newport Beach, we specialize in crafting awe-inspiring beachfront residences and artistic retreats that seamlessly meld with the natural canvas.

Our roots in Newport Beach run deep, reflecting a storied history of successfully managing a diverse array of projects in the area, ranging from groundbreaking new constructions to innovative ADUs and transformative remodels. Our expertise extends beyond mere construction; it encompasses the art of landscaping, hardscaping, architectural design, and interior aesthetics, ensuring that every element of your project is carefully curated.

Newport Beach areas that We Serve

Our Address:

Orange County, CA:
2372 Morse Ave. #987, Irvine, CA 92614

Our service areas in Newport Beach are included but not limited to the following areas:

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar, West Newport Beach, Eastbluff, Dover Shores, Newport Heights, Mariners Mile District, Newport Shores, Newport Crest, Bay Island, Newport Peninsula, Newport Bay, Santa Ana Heights, Irvine Terrace.

General Contractor in Newport Beach: Services

As a leading general contractor in Newport Beach, our services offer a comprehensive range of construction and renovation solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of homeowners and businesses in this splendid coastal city. From crafting new construction projects that embrace the natural splendor of the area to executing kitchen and bathroom remodels with precision and sophistication, our team is dedicated to ensuring that each project captures the exclusive charm of Newport Beach.

Kitchen Remodeling in Newport Beach

Our Newport Beach kitchen remodeling services blend style and functionality, transforming your kitchen into a masterpiece of modern design and practicality.

Landscape designer in Newport Beach

Embrace the natural beauty of Newport Beach with our landscape design services. We create outdoor spaces that harmonize with the coastal surroundings, turning your property into a serene oasis.

ADU builder services in Newport Beach

Unlock the potential of your Newport Beach property with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). DYM Builders specializes in ADU construction, providing versatile living spaces tailored to your need

Planning services Newport Beach

Newport Beach's architectural aspirations come to life with our planning expertise. Our team ensure precision and artistry in every blueprint, delivering structures that merge with the coastal charm.

Bathroom Remodel Newport Beach

Experience luxury in your Newport Beach home with our bathroom remodeling. Our experts craft beautiful bathrooms, enhancing comfort and elegance.

Commercial construction Newport Beach

Drive business success in Newport Beach with our commercial construction services. DYM Builders delivers top-notch solutions for commercial projects, on time and within budget.

Here's What Our Customers Think

Jeff & Paul
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We used DYM to remodel our home this passed year. What a great experience. The husband and wife team of David and Jade were/are first rate. They listened, offered feedback (usually when we DIDN'T need to spend the money), and did not abandon us when the project was finished and there were punch list items remaining. They are smart, authentic, and offer creative options. Our backyard is one of the pictures on the profile of DYM for YELP. Remodeling is stressful and you hear horror stories about contractors. Well you didn't hear one from us! Thank you, DYM, we love our "new" home. J&P
Petr K.
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DYM Builders Group completely remodeled our bathroom about a year ago. They were very friendly and professional. The crew was kind and responsive to questions and requests along the way. This was our first time remodel, so we had lots of questions along the way and needed a good amount of handholding. It's been a year and the bathroom looks great and there haven't been any problems with it. Also, DYM pricing was the best from the 3 estimates we got. We'd definitely work with the group again.
Chris Y.
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We did an ADU project with DYM Builders and they were great! David and his team were point on and very experienced. Once they got the plan approved and permits pulled the construction process started and everything passed inspections. Great company to work with if your looking to add an ADU to your home.
Stanley L.
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We had a great experience with DYM Builders Group, from design to completion! They were was great in helping us design the perfect remodel of our kitchen. What was just going to be a newer kitchen, we made even more: with a remodeled bathroom, new flooring, two indoor floors of painting. Jade and her work crew were also excellent! We highly recommend DYM Builders Group for any remodeling project you have!
Jude J.
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David & Jade played a fundamental role during the entire process, which included dealing with architects, engineers, city codes and builders. They both were very accommodating, patient and extremely professional. Our project was a major home remodel (90%). It took less than five months from the moment the plans were approved to completion. We hired DYM Builders Group to ensure our home was built structurally safe & sound, and that’s what they delivered.
Dudesta Z.
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Dym builders and David were just stupendous ! They helped use remodel our kitchen and bathroom and did a wonderful job . Very high quality work and Jade who communicated with us over the phone and emails was also great ! I would use this company again for any home upgrades . They were affordable , professional , and very pleasant to work with .
Samuel W.
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David and his team did a fantastic job remodeling my kitchen and bathroom. They patiently incorporating my ideas, working around the delivery of appliances and even used the spare granite for an awesome looking backsplash while incorporating a Pot Filler. He allowed me to provide some of my own materials and incorporated it into a smart looking bathroom. We are very happy.
Jude J.
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Having never done such a major project, I was more than a little apprehensive about the timeline, but my project manager Jade made sure everything kept moving. It took just one month from start to finish. Everyone who worked on my kitchen was knowledgeable and professional. Jade spent hours helping me choose just the right materials to complete my vision for a new kitchen. I would definitely recommend this company.

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Elevating Your Newport Beach Lifestyle: The Services of a General Contractor

Newport Beach, with its sun-kissed shores, upscale residences, and coastal allure, is a coastal paradise like no other. As homeowners and businesses alike seek to make the most of this idyllic setting, the role of a general contractor becomes increasingly pivotal. In this article, we delve into the valuable services provided by a general contractor in Newport Beach, shedding light on how they can truly enhance your Newport Beach lifestyle.

1. Kitchen Remodeling: Where Culinary Dreams Take Shape

The kitchen is often the heartbeat of a home, and in Newport Beach, where luxurious living meets coastal charm, it’s no different. A general contractor in Newport Beach understands that the kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it’s a space where family and friends gather, where culinary creativity flourishes. They specialize in kitchen remodeling that not only enhances functionality but also transforms your kitchen into a stylish and efficient space that harmonizes with the coastal beauty of Newport Beach.

2. Bathroom Remodeling: Luxury and Comfort at Your Fingertips

Newport Beach is synonymous with luxury and comfort, and this ethos extends into the home. A general contractor in Newport Beach recognizes the importance of the bathroom as a personal sanctuary. Their expertise in bathroom remodeling ensures that your bathroom is more than just a functional space; it becomes a luxurious oasis where you can unwind and rejuvenate, designed with attention to every detail.

3. ADU Construction: Maximizing Space and Investment

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become a sought-after addition to Newport Beach properties, offering versatile living spaces and a boost to property value. A skilled general contractor specializes in ADU construction, helping homeowners unlock the full potential of their properties while navigating the complex landscape of local regulations. Whether it’s for family, guests, or as a rental opportunity, ADUs are a valuable addition to the Newport Beach lifestyle.

4. Landscape Design: Outdoor Bliss in Harmony with Nature

Newport Beach’s natural beauty is a hallmark of the community, and a general contractor understands the importance of preserving and enhancing that beauty in your outdoor space. Their landscape design services create outdoor havens that seamlessly blend with the coastal surroundings, allowing you to make the most of Newport Beach’s favorable climate and stunning vistas.

5. Planning: Precision, Artistry, and Coastal Aesthetics

Each architectural project in Newport Beach is a work of art, demanding precision, artistry, and a deep appreciation for coastal aesthetics. A general contractor collaborates closely with architects, ensuring that every blueprint is meticulously executed. This approach results in structures that not only meet the highest standards but also seamlessly integrate with the coastal charm that Newport Beach is known for.

6. Commercial Construction: Excellence in Business Environments

Newport Beach is not just a haven for homeowners; it’s a thriving business hub as well. A general contractor in Newport Beach extends their expertise to commercial construction, helping businesses thrive in style. Their services are tailored to meet the city’s standards and aesthetics, ensuring that businesses can succeed in this upscale community.

In conclusion, a general contractor in Newport Beach is more than just a builder; they are a key partner in enhancing your Newport Beach lifestyle. They bring a wealth of experience, local knowledge, and an eye for design to every project, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, ADU construction, landscape design, architectural planning, or commercial construction. With their expertise, your vision for the perfect Newport Beach space becomes a reality, where coastal charm meets modern luxury, adding true value to your Newport Beach lifestyle.

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