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DYM Builders Worked With HGTV On The Series Finale of Inside Out

We can finally let the cat out of the bag: DYM Builders was part of an HGTV show! We filmed the season finale for the second season of “Inside Out.” The clients we worked with were impressed with our communication skills and the way we kept everybody in the know about the project. This is one of our core principles at DYM, so we were thrilled that it made an impact on our clients on the HGTV show.

About the Show

“Inside Out” is a renovation show starring designers Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle. Carmine handles all the design inside the walls, while Mike handles everything outside the walls. This concept fits perfectly with us at DYM, as we’re always trying to bring the outdoors in and the inside out!

During the show, Mike and Carmine work together to balance clients’ priorities while staying on budget and deadline. We were excited to get to work with the HGTV team and help bring the client’s vision to life!

Working with a Film Crew

At DYM, we’re used to working with construction teams and keeping everything on track, even when projects go awry. But we were not used to working with an entire production team as well! Our expertise in managing construction teams definitely helped us get our footing, but it was unlike anything we’ve experienced.

Not only were we responsible for getting the materials to the site on time, but we also had to coordinate with the film crew. For example, if the crew wanted to get footage of us installing floors, we had to make sure that the flooring material was on-site and ready to be installed by that day. But with delays currently being so commonplace in the construction industry, this wasn’t always possible. Material delays delay not only the project itself but also the entire show!

Supply chain issues have wrought renovations with backups and hiccups for the last few years, but our project management skills and customer service expertise made the challenging project much easier. The project took five months to complete, from the demolition day to the wrap day. We were able to make the project a success and keep the clients in the loop every day! 

When Can You Watch Our Episode?

The episode has already been completely filmed and edited, but it has not aired yet. We are expecting the episode to air in January 2023! Until then, we can’t share much about our clients or the project we undertook for them. But we hope you tune in to see how we helped transform our clients’ lives!

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