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The DYM Experience: Our Company’s Values and Goals

DYM Builders is a full-service construction company in Southern California specializing in both new construction and remodeling. Co-founders and husband-and-wife duo David and Jade Malka work hard to ensure DYM isn’t just any regular construction company, however: they want to represent a new generation of construction. They’re fueled by loving what they do and wanting to create the best service-driven experience for their customers.

“We’re not the mom and pop contractors that you will expect to see or used to see,” said Jade Malka. “We are basically incorporating technology into the old-fashioned world of construction, because at the end of the day construction hasn’t changed for the last few decades while technology has.”

DYM’s goal is to make the construction experience as accessible, fun, easy, and seamless as possible for their clients. One of the ways they make the process easy is by offering every step of the remodeling or new construction process under one roof. Clients can handle planning, designing, architecture, engineering, and construction all in one place. 

“That’s why we are a design and build company,” said David. “We believe each of those aspects has an active part of the process, and the process will never be good or perfect or whatever you want without all of them functioning together.”

Another way DYM is changing the construction experience is with the use of 3D renderings for all clients. Utilizing 3D renderings helps customers see what their space will look like in real life before ever breaking ground. It allows them to make changes before committing more time, money, and materials to the actual construction process.

Additionally, DYM likes to stay in close contact with their clients, or as much contact as their clients want. Clients have shared stories about contractors they’ve worked with in the past who have gone radio silent or shown up at the house without any warning. DYM works to set up a mode of communication that works for their client, whether it’s via text message, emails, or phone calls. 

“We have updates, everyone is updated live in a manner of text or email,” said David. “And we are a big crew; there is no situation where someone is working in the house, and they have no one to ask their questions.”

They also keep clients updated on the project’s timeline, and are honest up front about how long the project will take. David and Jade like to work around their clients’ schedules, and make sure they know the team they’re working with, which they say is a contrast from how many contractors in the industry work.  

“I hear [from clients] a lot of the time, ‘I only see [my contractor] when he needs to pick up the check,” said David. “I saw people walking here every day and didn’t know who they were.”

Jade works very closely with her clients to ensure their construction or remodeling project will fit their needs, and makes sure to hear every member of the family. Many contractors have a tendency to only listen to the man in the family, while Jade makes sure she hears everybody’s thoughts and opinions. 

She makes sure to ask her clients questions so she can fit their plans around their needs. 

“Why do you want to have an island for two people where there are six people living in the house? It doesn’t make sense,” she said as an example. “It’s like ordering a dining table for two people. We try to understand the needs, and we care about the aesthetics even if the customer has no idea what they want.”

David and Jade have seen their work pay off; they have repeat customers and constantly get great feedback from their clients. One such client posted about DYM on her social media, only to have friends ask if the post was sponsored. When she explained she just really enjoyed working with the company, her friend asked, “Who likes their contractor?”

“That really shows you the perception of construction. They’re afraid of contractors; they seem to be shady, not backing up their work, and there’s lots of stigma,” said David. “We’re here to break that conception. You can love your contractor because he’s changing your life, he’s doing something great for you.”

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