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How To Remodel Your Bathroom: The Essentials You Need to Know

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Deciding to remodel it can be a daunting task, but a professional can help you take the right steps to prepare. DYM Builders Group has six tips to keep in mind before you set out on your bathroom remodeling journey. 

1. Choose a reliable contractor

Working with a contractor is essential if you want a professional and efficient bathroom remodel. But not all contractors are the same. So how do you go about choosing a contractor? When you’ve found a contractor whose portfolio of work you admire — either by searching online or asking around your neighborhood for recommendations — you’ll want to vet them properly. It may seem silly, but ensuring that your contractor has all of their licensing and insurance can save you from some major headaches down the road. You can look up their licenses on your local government website; the information is all public!

After you’ve confirmed your contractor is licensed and insured, you should ask for references from other customers. A professional contractor should easily be able to provide these references.

Another tip: Don’t shy away from contractors who are busy or need to start your project later than anticipated. Busy contractors are busy for a reason: people like their work! If the contractor is professional and knows how to handle a project timeline, it could very well be worth the wait.

2. Decide on a design and concept

It might be appealing to go with the flow and make up your design as you go, but it’s vital you create a solid design plan for your bathroom before you start your remodel. Every piece of the project can affect another.

“It’s a tip from us to our customers: whatever you do, plan it, design it, get a concept,” says David Malka, owner of DYM Builders. “It’ll make the entire process, whether it’s the purchasing or the actual construction, much more pleasant.”

A plan should include the dimensions of your room and a general design scheme. Think about what kinds of colors and textures you find appealing in other homes. Try creating a board on Pinterest or walking through model homes to get ideas to bring your contractor. 

For example, you might like the look of black-and-white bathrooms, or prefer a more colorful, Mediterranean design theme. Working with your contractor can help bring these general ideas to life.

3. Source your bathroom materials

Sourcing materials — like fixtures, tile, and flooring — can be one of the most overwhelming parts of a bathroom remodel. Professional contractors like DYM Builders help clients through the entire process.

In order to choose the right materials, you must keep to the design plan and your room’s dimensions. It’s also difficult as a first-time-remodeler to distinguish high-quality materials from lower-quality ones.

“There’s a lot of mistakes that can happen during the purchasing phase and if you’re not supervised by a professional company, it will eventually affect the project, the timeline, and the end result,” Malka explains.

Many contractors have a team of vendors with whom they regularly work, and are able to make an instant connection for their clients. Contractors have already vetted these vendors and trust them, and the vendors know what types of materials and items the contractor typically uses.

This is especially important in bathroom remodels, where every material needs to be resistant to water and humidity. Choosing the right materials can mean the difference between an unsafe bathroom and a perfect one! 

4. Set a timeline for your bathroom remodel

Creating a timeline for your bathroom remodel ensures that the work will be completed in a timely manner, and you won’t be surprised by any additional work. While some contractors don’t plan out their projects’ timelines very far ahead, there are plenty of contractors who have excellent project management skills. Knowing the timeline of the remodel will also help you plan the rest of your life — you don’t want to volunteer to host your parents if your guest bathroom is still going to be under construction!

5. Obtain the correct permits

Cities, municipalities, and counties often require contractors and homeowners to have permits before they start remodeling. A professional contractor like DYM Builders will be familiar with these permits and help you apply for any that you might need. Permits sometimes require a fee, but it’s best to go through all the proper channels than to be fined later on for ignoring the law.

6. Determine any potential issues

There are plenty of problems that can be lurking within your bathroom, including structural issues, plumbing errors, and especially moisture spots. When you’re not expecting it, these issues can throw a wrench in your plans. Fixing them can require a lot of extra time and money, and sometimes requires bringing in other professionals.

However, working with a contractor who can warn you about these problems ahead of time can give you a chance to plan for the worst-case scenario. Contractors can tell you how much it’ll cost to fix plumbing and electrical issues before they arise. This allows you as the customer to adjust your budget or your expectations.

Here are a few things to check with your contractor before you start your work:Structural Issues: Are you planning on taking down any walls? Are they load-bearing?
● Plumbing issues: Do you know how old your pipes are and what material they are made of? Have you had any plumbing problems in the past, like leaks or drips?
● Electrical issues: Are you planning on installing new outlets, light fixtures, or appliances? Have you ensured your electrical equipment is up-to-date?
● Moisture spots: Is your bathroom currently experiencing mold? Are the walls warped? Have you seen any dust around your house? A contractor like DYM Builders can help you answer these questions and prep you for any potential work that lies ahead. Make your choices wisely; your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house!

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