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How To Incorporate Modern Home Design in 2023

Whether you’re looking to change up your home completely or you’re just at the start of your decorating journey, there are many ways to incorporate modern design into your home. Modern home design appeals to those who don’t want any frills and would rather have a simple yet satisfying home. Sound like you? Let’s break down what modern interior design is and how to add it to your home.

A corner of a room in a modern home with cube shelving, art, and a record player.

What is modern interior design?

Unlike contemporary design, modern design pertains to the arts and design styles of the previous centuries, whereas contemporary design means what is in style right now. Modern interior design is based on the modernism movement of the 19th and 20th centuries. During this time, furniture, art and decoration became more affordable and functional and, therefore, accessible to classes outside the elite. As a result, it became less ornate and more practical. 

Modern home design often includes the following features:

  • Clean lines
  • Geometric forms
  • Clearly defined spaces 
  • Functional spaces and storage

There are different types of modern home design, as well. Some of these include:

  • Minimalism
  • Organic design
  • Scandinavian design
  • Maximalism

In short, modern design styles are often free of ornate furnishings and lean into the functionality of rooms rather than opulence and frills. This style is still popular today because of the ways it can transform with the time period and be adjusted to personal taste.

A modern home’s living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a leather couch.

How to incorporate modern home design

There are many ways to incorporate modern home design into your space. You can tailor modern design styles to your personal preferences and taste. Here are just a few methods we recommend.

Choose your theme and color palette 

The first thing you should do to incorporate modern home design into your space is to choose a theme and color palette. It’s okay if your theme is loose or just focused on modern design in general. But if you’re drawn to a particular style, such as Scandinavian or Bauhaus, you can use their design elements to guide your decision-making.

Next, decide on your color palette. Modern color palettes often utilize neutral colors because of their functionality. You can choose a warm or cool color palette depending on your personal preference and your home’s existing features. For example, if you have very warm wood floors, maybe you want to lean into the warm color palette. 

Of course, you can add pops of color with linens, pillows, rugs, curtains, and decor. Whether you choose one or two colors to highlight or go with a mishmash, you can still incorporate modern home design into your house.

A modern home’s kitchen with a white island, wooden cabinetry, and wood stools.

Get new flooring

Flooring can have a huge impact on your home. It’s not 100% necessary to get new flooring just to adhere to the modern design style. However, if you have very old flooring that clashes with modern design, including color shag carpeting, dated linoleum, or very yellow hardwood floors, you may consider changing them out. Of course, functionality is at the forefront of all modern design, so you should only consider new flooring if it will also functionally serve your home.

The best types of flooring for modern home design are wood floors with minimal lines, minimalist tiles, and stone with smooth surfaces. You can opt for patterns such as black and white checkered tile or go for a more subdued look.

A modern home’s kitchen with two-toned cabinetry, wooden floors, and an island.

Change up the lighting

Lighting is a great way to make a huge impact on your home while incorporating modern home design and staying within budget. Simplistic lighting with clean designs fits the modern look the best. Pendant lights without ornate detailing are one great option for overhead lighting. Lampstands and table lamps with simple shapes are also great for adding light without doing too much hands-on work.

Natural light is also a key part of modern home design. You can increase the natural light in your home by switching out your curtains or blinds. Or, if you’re looking to remodel, you can add windows, skylights, or glass French doors to your home.

A modern home’s living room with a gallery wall and a white couch.

Choose modern furniture pieces

One way to incorporate modern home design without doing any renovation is to buy new furniture. By “new,” we mean new to you. Using vintage furniture is a great way to nail your design plans while saving money and being sustainable. However, there are lots of great designers and stores that specialize in modern furnishings.

Look for clean lines and edges, monochromatic colors, and simplistic designs. Additionally, modern furniture often incorporates storage to increase its functionality. For example, a bedframe might have built-in storage underneath, or bookshelves might have doors to hide clutter away.

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