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25 Most Popular Design Concepts Around the Globe

Living in a well-designed and beautiful home is everyone’s dream. Interior design can be an intimidating concept to tackle. There are so many different styles of interior design out there, which might seem overwhelming at first. But on the bright side, having so many different concepts to choose from means you’re sure to find one that works for you!

Here are 25 of the most popular interior design concepts used around the world:

1. Minimalism

Minimalistic style kitchen remodel.

Minimalism is a design concept that uses minimal amounts of furniture, texture, and clutter to create a clean and simple yet still stylish look. Minimalist spaces usually deliver large visual impacts by using color sparingly and repeating the same shapes and lines. 

2. Scandinavian

Scandinavian style living room.

Scandinavian design is a modernist design concept derived from the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It combines simple lines with light colors and natural materials like wood to create a warm, inviting design aesthetic. Some describe it as a warmer kind of minimalism with more organic shapes and tones.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary style living room.

Contemporary design is a design concept that draws from modern design sensibilities and uses bold colors, geometric shapes, and sleek lines. However, contemporary design is always changing because, by its very definition, it is “current” design. Typically, spaces that follow contemporary design are very sophisticated and balanced.

4. Industrial

Industrial style interior shot of living room and kitchen.

Industrial design has become increasingly popular in recent years. The idea behind industrial design is to use raw materials like pipes, exposed brick and concrete that are often used out of functionality as the center of the design itself. Architectural elements like beams, columns, rafters, and ducts are often highlighted with this kind of design. Typically, the industrial style uses neutral colors like browns and grays.

5. Mid-century

Mid century style living room.

Mid-century design draws from the style of the 1950s and 1960s and uses organic shapes, textiles with bold patterns, and natural materials to create an inviting design aesthetic. Color palettes typically include oranges, yellows, greens, and browns. However, you can indulge in the mid-century look in any palette you choose.

6. Bohemian

Bohemian style living room.

Bohemian design is a design concept that draws from traditional cultures and uses bright colors, patchwork designs, and an eclectic mix of furniture. Often shortened to “boho,” the bohemian look is meant to look very individualistic and unique. Often, the colors and patterns used in these spaces don’t necessarily match but work together nonetheless.

7. Coastal design

Coastal style living room.

Coastal design is inspired by the relaxing atmosphere of the beach and incorporates natural materials like jute, rattan, and driftwood along with soft colors. Houses designed with the coastal feel in mind exude tranquility. Natural light is a key part of this design style, and white, blues, and blue-greens are all musts.

8. Tropical

Tropical style home interior.

Tropical design is a design concept that draws from the vibrant colors and lush foliage of tropical climates. This design style often features bright colors, bold nature-themed prints, and tropical-inspired furniture to create a design aesthetic that’s perfect for creating a relaxing getaway in your home. Natural materials like teak, bamboo, rattan, and wicker are often used for furniture.

9. Eclectic design

Eclectic design home interior.

Eclectic design is all about blending different design styles together to create an eclectic yet cohesive design look. In that way, it often does not look one particular way. This eye-catching design concept often uses mix-and-match furniture along with bright colors and bold patterns. 

10. Modern

Modern style home bedroom.

Modern design is a design concept that uses clean lines, geometric shapes, and neutral colors to create an aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary. Typically, “modern” is an umbrella that other design styles can fall under. However, its main points are visual and functional simplicity.

11. Traditional

Traditional style living room.

Traditional design draws from classic design sensibilities and often features timeless colors, materials and furniture. This style often uses the silhouettes of European decor, such as winged-back chairs and claw-footed furniture. Colors are usually very neutral, with some rich blues and reds offering traditional spaces some more depth.

12. Art deco

Art deco style home interior.

Art deco design is inspired by the design sensibilities of the 1920s and 1930s and often uses bold colors, geometric shapes, and luxurious materials. This glamorous and timeless design concept often includes lots of mirrors, glossy surfaces, and ambient lighting.

13. Mediterranean design

Mediterranean style home interior.

Mediterranean design draws from the design sensibilities of the Mediterranean region. This inviting and relaxed design style often features bright colors, bold patterns, and natural materials. Think of Spanish and Greek buildings with breezy windowed rooms, lots of outdoor space, and arches and soft lines. Mediterranean design often uses natural materials like plaster, clay, and wood to bring in texture.

14. Rustic

Rustic style bathroom.

Rustic design is inspired by rural design sensibilities and uses reclaimed wood, distressed furniture, and deep browns for a look that’s warm and inviting. Rustic spaces often look like the interiors of log cabins in the wilderness, regardless of their location. Rustic decor includes touches of leather, iron, natural woods, and handmade items. Instead of looking brand-new, the decor and furniture in this space are meant to look weathered and worn.

15. English design

English style home interior

English design is a design style that draws from traditional British design sensibilities and often features antique furniture, ornate detailing, and luxurious fabrics. This elegant design look can include pieces like four-post beds with hand-made canopies, large frames on art, and patterned wallpaper.

16. Bauhaus design

Bauhaus style home interior.

Bauhaus design is a design concept that draws from the sensibilities of the Bauhaus school founded by architect Walter Gropius. This design style uses minimal shapes, neutral colors, and simplistic furniture to create an aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

17. Craftsman design

Craftsman style living room.

Craftsman design is inspired by the design sensibilities of the early 20th century and often features strong lines, exposed beams, and natural materials to create a sturdy and cozy look. Spaces designed in the craftsman style often have lots of built-ins, fireplaces, and natural light. 

18. Zen design

Zen design style bathroom.

Zen design is inspired by traditional Asian design sensibilities and often uses minimalist furniture, neutral colors, and simple design. These calming spaces hold intentionality at the forefront. You won’t find a lot of unnecessary pieces in Zen design. Usually, these spaces have a very natural and neutral color palette.

19. Transitional design

Transitional style home office design.

Transitional design is a design style that bridges the gap between traditional design and modern design. This design style uses neutral colors, simple shapes, and a mix of both traditional and modern furniture to create a design look that’s timeless yet contemporary. 

20. French country

French Country style kitchen design.

French country design is inspired by the French countryside. This design style often uses floral patterns, muted pastel colors, and ornate detailing to create warm and inviting spaces. Architectural elements include bay windows, French doors, archways, and balconies. The French country design style also utilizes natural stone and brick, especially in the floors.

21. Southwestern design

Southwestern style home interior.

Southwestern design, inspired by the American Southwest, features bright accent colors, bold patterns, and natural materials to create a look that’s both warm and inviting. This design style is heavily influenced by Spanish, Native American, and Mexican artistry. 

22. Shabby chic design

Shabby chic style bedroom design.

Shabby chic design is inspired by vintage design sensibilities and often uses distressed furniture, muted colors, and ornate details. Spaces designed using shabby chic style are often cozy and elegant, leaning more on the feminine side. 

23. Hollywood Regency 

Hollywood Regency style bathroom design.

Hollywood Regency design is a design style that draws from the Golden Age of American film in the 1930s. Expect uncluttered spaces with luxurious fabrics, bold colors, and glamorous furniture. You’ll also find lots of brass and gold, glossy finishes, and lots of contrast.

24. Japandi

Japandi style bathroom design.

Japandi design bridges the gap between traditional Japanese design and modern Scandinavian design. A newer design style, Japandi uses natural materials, neutral colors, and sleek lines to create a timeless and sophisticated look. Many Japandi spaces are also designed utilizing Feng shui.

25. Country House design

Country House style home interior.

Country House design is influenced by British country houses and often features antique furniture, luxurious fabrics, and traditional design elements. These timeless and inviting spaces are often flexible and playful in their use of artwork and different textiles.

These are just some of the most popular interior design concepts around the world. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose. Take some time to look through inspirational pictures and find what style calls to you specifically – not just what’s trendy now. 

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