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Home Renovation Trends of 2022 That Will Stick Around For Years

With every passing year comes new trends for the home. While it’s not always a great idea to change up your home based on a trend that might quickly pass, sometimes trends reflect what people truly want out of their homes today, and for the foreseeable future. 

From the looks of it, people want their homes to feel more like just that: their homes. From cozy textures to getting more use out of their spaces, people are seeing the value of loving their home more now than ever before. 

Here are some of the trends we’ve seen recently that we don’t see going away any time soon. 


Gone are the days of completely flat walls and all-white rooms. Homeowners are looking to bring more texture into their spaces through a variety of means. One such way is using stone in places other than countertops, like the backsplash or entire walls. This is especially popular in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Another popular type of wall finish is Venetian plaster, which is a putty created from fired limestone combined with water. When applied to the wall, it creates an earthy and natural feel that offers movement and physical texture without being too jarring. 

“Plaster gives [an interior wall] something interesting to look at without really needing to tile something, or to invest too much into covering the wall,” said DYM Builders co-owner David Malka. “And so Venetian plaster is just one type of painting application that can give an interior wall an interesting touch.”

Tile has also started to become more common in places other than the floor. Tiled walls and ceilings are quite popular, and can add an unexpected moment in any room. Additionally, millwork adds a nice pop of texture. Examples of millwork include tongue-and-groove boards, board and batten, and wainscotting. 

And of course, we have to mention the ever-popular wallpaper. Wallpaper is much easier to apply and take down than it was decades ago, allowing homeowners to change up their space with minimal effort or commitment. Bold wallpaper can make a great accent wall, or make a small room like a powder room pop. 

You can also incorporate textures into your home’s exterior. Stucco can create a rustic yet modern look, and comes in many different varieties and colors. New paints can also create modern finishes that look like stone or metal. Or, you can bring genuine stone and metal to the exterior to create a sleek finish. 

Multi-Use Spaces

More now than ever, people are viewing their homes as more than just a place to return to at the end of the work day. Many people are working from home at least part-time, and many students take classes online. As a result, designated office spaces are very desirable. 

Office spaces can also double as guest bedrooms or other kinds of rooms. Many homeowners combine their home gym with their home office for a multi-function space. Others may set up a home studio for their art or music practice. Some are also embracing the idea of a home library, with grand built-in shelving along the walls. 

More Natural Light

The more time we spend in our homes, the more we want to feel at ease. Adding more natural light can help create a serene feeling, and help bring the outdoors in. It can also help reduce your energy bill! A few ways to add natural light include skylights, large sliding doors, or bigger windows. But there are easier ways, too, such as solar tubes, which DYM uses often with clients. 

Sometimes called tubular skylights or sun tunnels, solar tubes help bring sunlight in without fundamentally changing your home’s architecture. The tube connects the ceiling of a room to the roof of the house, with a weather-resistant cap on the exterior end.

“We’re doing a project where we’re going to add [solar tubes] to the vanity in the bathroom,” Malka said. “They can also be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. And it’s a much easier installation than a big skylight.”

Bringing The Outdoors In…

Bringing the outdoors inside is a huge want in modern houses. In addition to natural light, people want to enjoy the kinds of things they do outdoors in their houses, too. This can mean bringing in more plants or installing living walls, which add greenery to a vertical space. 

But you can also get more extreme by building an indoor pool that can be used year-round. Or, a three-season room that allows you to be indoors while enjoying the sunlight and a breeze. Big sliding or French doors allow you to leave your doors open and enjoy the outdoor sunlight, sounds, and sensations all day, even while in your living room. 

…And Bring The Indoors Out

During the beginning of the pandemic, many of us took to socializing outside. But the habit stuck, and we’re spending more time outside than ever before. Many homeowners want to relax, entertain, and just live more in their backyards and outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor kitchens are on the rise, as we spend more time cooking and entertaining outdoors. In addition to a grill, you can install all the essentials, like a small fridge, bar, sink, and prep space. A place to relax, like a patio or a deck, is also a popular addition to homes, especially when they come with a firepit or other entertainment, such as an outdoor TV or projection screen. 


As we continue to learn more and more about climate change, many of us want to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part. When looking to make renovations, many homeowners are opting for eco-friendly materials and practices. 

More companies are also producing sustainable building materials that can help address this need. For some, sustainability is the focus of their business model. For example, the company Dvele specializes in high-end, luxury manufactured homes that are eco-friendly and sustainable. 

High-Tech Homes

The trend of high-tech homes continues, largely in part to the fact that we have so many more pieces of technology in our homes than ever before. 

“Now you have a TV and a light and a bed light and a computer, you have so many things. So not having a smart home makes controlling everything super complicated and almost annoying,” Malka said. “So from the perspective of simplicity, people would want some nice control panels that control each room. When it comes to light, you want to create different vibes for different times of the day in your house. By getting a smart home you’re able to do it pretty quick.”

High-tech homes allow you to customize your lights, change your thermostat via your phone, or even unlock your door with an app. You can install speakers throughout your home to play music or other media no matter what room you’re in. High-end electronic appliances in the kitchen also allow you to customize your settings and even order groceries straight from your fridge. 

No matter what trends you decide to follow this year, make sure you’re working with a trusted contractor like DYM Builders to do so. 

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