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How to Handle Delays in a Remodeling Project

There are lots of reasons why your remodeling or home improvement project can get off track. But undoubtedly the most common reason nowadays is the delay in receiving materials and products, which are routinely on backorder. In fact, 75% of companies felt a negative business impact due to supply chain disruption in the last couple of years.

So, is it worth it to go forward with construction and renovation plans now, when so many things are getting pushed back? David and Jade Malka, co-founders and owners of DYM Builders in California say yes. As prices continue to rise due to inflation, now will always be the best time to start on a project. 

“If you wait a little bit, you will risk paying more for the same thing,” said David Malka.

Here are DYM’s tips for preparing a project during delays, and how to handle changes to your project’s timeline. 

Factor in delays to your project’s timeline

It’s vital to incorporate potential delays into your project’s timeline so that you can be prepared when they do come up. Your project’s timeline can affect several other aspects of your life, especially if you’ve had to relocate during your renovation. Being prepared can help save you time, money, and headaches further along down the line. 

“The planning stage must include not only unforeseen conditions that affect the timeline, but also delays, not only from vendors, but also from cities, municipalities, and agencies that are impeding the process and also experiencing shortage of manpower,” says David Malka. “So especially during COVID this component of delays is a serious part of our timeline.”

Be open to changing your choices 

There are some delays that are hard to get around by doing anything but waiting, such as for lumber or concrete. But if your countertops get backordered for months, remember that you have the option to change your mind and order something else. Being flexible can mean the difference between waiting weeks on end for your products to come in, and getting the project done in a timely manner.

“The best advice we can give to homeowners is really be flexible and open-minded and open to changes because it’s very unusual and difficult times, the market is not normal,” says Jade Malka. 

Often, your contractor will be able to find you something very similar through the same vendor, or work with a different vendor to get the same exact product. 

Work with a well-connected contractor

The more connected your contractor is with vendors, the more likely it is you’ll be able to get a new material or product in a timely manner. Ensure that your contractor has a wide network of vendors before you hire them. You can do so by asking them to refer you to their vendors, or to refer you to past clients who can vouch for them. 

If your contractor has lots of connections within the industry, they’ll be able to use them to get you what you want quicker. Sometimes, your contractor will be able to get you the same exact material or product through another vendor. 

“We have a very exclusive network of vendors. It happened to me already three times where my customer didn’t get the delivery or it was broken and there was nobody to talk to, or she kept getting excuses from her vendor,” Jade Malka says. “And I was able to fix it with one call to my vendor. If it’s possible then we are able to handle it by using our vendors that are always happy to help. Even if the customer didn’t buy from them, they will always be happy to assist.” 

Above all, be patient

If your contractor can’t use their connections to get you the product from a different vendor, and you can’t change your order to a different product, then you will ultimately have no choice but to wait. Patience is key when remodeling your house or undergoing new construction, especially today. 

But if you work with a trustworthy contractor like DYM Builders, you’ll ensure someone is there with you every step of the way. 

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