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How To Design & Plan For Your Perfect Pool

Breaking ground on your backyard pool is a huge step to creating your dream outdoor space. But there are lots of things to consider before you start moving dirt. Custom pools truly have endless options, from the shape and size of your pool to the materials you want to build it with. 

Just like a construction project, a pool project has planning, design, materials, and construction phases. Working with a trusted contractor and designer with experience in pools can help lower your mental load. A pool is a huge project with lots of engineering behind it. 

Decisions To Make

Here are just a few of the aspects you’ll have to consider when designing your pool, according to DYM Builders. 


First of all, you’ll have to decide what size pool you want. The size of your pool can affect every aspect of the rest of your backyard. For example, if the pool takes up too much of the yard, you might not have room for a large patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit. However, you want to make sure the pool is big enough for your own personal usage, whether that’s entertaining with kids or floating solo. 

You’ll also have to decide if you want a built-in hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa connected to your pool. This is a popular addition that can add a layer of luxury to your pool build, and also make it useful during the chillier seasons. 


Similar to the size of your pool, the shape can impact your backyard dramatically. Some pool frames come pre-fabricated in a standard shape. But by going custom with your pool, you can decide where each and every curve is, place steps and ladders where you prefer, and add built-ins such as benches. You can also decide how deep the pool is, and how deep each side is. 


You’ll also have to plan where you want your pool to be. The placement can affect how you use the rest of your backyard.

“In a standard backyard, the location is not super important as long as you take into consideration your property line and your safety setbacks, especially when you’re on a hillside,” said David Malka, co-founder of DYM Builders. He also noted that infinity pools also need more delicate engineering and should be placed appropriately. 

Keep in mind that placing the pool in the middle of the yard can make the rest of your yard seem smaller and create dead space. But if your pool takes up half of your hard and is placed in the back half of the yard, you can still use the front half for a deck, entertaining, or outdoor kitchen. 


Most pools are made of concrete, but the aesthetics of the pool are up to you. You can cover the concrete with a plaster, or with a rubber lining. Linings come in a variety of colors and patterns. Plasters are also available in several colors. Some pool builders might also prefer PebbleTec finishes, which use real pebbles and rocks to create a natural finish. 

You’ll also have to decide what kind of patio you want around your pool. The shape, size, colors, and materials of the patio are completely up to you. Some pool owners prefer to have their pool patios blend seamlessly into their entertaining patios, while others prefer them separate. 

Water Type

Lastly, you’ll have to decide if you wish to make a salt water pool or a chlorine pool. The pools are typically built the same way, but will require different kinds of maintenance. 

Prepping for Your Project

To make all these decisions seamlessly, consider working with an all-in-one contractor like DYM Builders. The company has designers, engineers, and construction teams all under one roof to make sure everyone is on the same page. By working with such a company, you can also ensure your entire backyard is completed as one project, rather than having a pool company try to work within your dreams for your backyard. 

Your contractor will also help you budget for your project. Be sure to have your funds ready before the project starts. And prepare for your backyard to be messy for a while — pools are big projects that require lots of construction and landscaping.

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