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All About Custom Cabinetry: Is it Worth It?

When renovating your kitchen, there are seemingly endless choices to make. From tile to paint colors to appliances, you’ve got a lot on your plate. But perhaps the trickiest of choices is cabinetry. Not only are cabinets an incredibly functional element of your kitchen, but they’re also a hugely aesthetic element. 

So, how do you decide what kind of cabinets to get? There are lots of options on the market, from box-store cabinetry to completely custom cabinetry made by craftsmans. DYM Builders will help you decide what options are best for you, your project, and your budget. 

Different Types of Cabinetry

There are a few different kinds of cabinetry on the market. Before you commit to one type, learn about the differences in cost, time, and customizability below. 


Pre-fabricated cabinets usually come as part of a set, often sold at a box store. While these sets are typically very convenient for homeowners, DYM warns against their low quality and limited flexibility. Cabinets are an investment and a huge part of your kitchen, and as a result are worth investing more money and time into. 


Semi-custom cabinetry represents the step between prefabricated cabinets and completely custom cabinets. Homeowners have some more choices to make with semi-custom cabinetry, such as the colors and sizes they want. With the help of a designer, they can determine exactly what kind of cabinets will fit their kitchen and how many they need. However, there are some limitations, as companies will only produce semi-custom cabinetry in a limited number of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Additionally, semi-custom cabinetry is more affordable than custom cabinetry, but isn’t too far of a step up from pre-fabricated cabinets. 


Custom cabinetry allows the homeowner to pick every element of their cabinets, from the materials to the colors to the minute design details. Homeowners can choose even the most minute details, from engravings to the way the insides of the cabinets look, which they usually cannot do with semi-custom cabinetry. 

“Once you go to custom, you are in the realm of art,” says Daivd Malka, co-founder of DYM Builders. “The details, the painting, everything is crafted.”

Because custom cabinetry is more of an art-form, it can be significantly more expensive than semi-custom cabinetry, usually by at least a factor of two. 

How long does custom cabinetry take?

Because every piece of your custom cabinetry will be handcrafted individually, it can take much longer to build, assemble, and install than semi-custom cabinetry, which usually comes delivered to your house in several boxes. 

Times range depending on where you live and who you contract for your custom cabinets.

“Custom takes time because you’re really making it from scratch,” Malls says. “Custom can take at least a month.”

What are the benefits of custom cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry allows homeowners who want a truly customized and individual kitchen to control every aspect of its design. Most semi-custom cabinets are made out of maple wood, because it’s relatively affordable, sturdy, and holds paint well. However, not everybody wants maple cabinetry. If you want a specific kind of material that is not offered in semi-custom catalogs, going custom might be a good bet.

Additionally,semi-custom cabinetry only offers the most popular options for colors and sizes, so if you want something outside the norm, custom could be the way to go. 

Custom cabinetry can also be a good choice for people with uniquely-shaped homes. Because semi-custom cabinets only come in a specific range of sizes and shapes, they might not be able to find anything that perfectly fits their odd corners or their vaulted ceilings. Custom cabinetry ensures every cabinet and shelf fits the kitchen exactly. 

How do you design custom cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry takes a lot of prep and design work. By working with a full-house design agency like DYM Builders, you can design your cabinetry with the rest of your kitchen with the help of a professional interior designer.

If you’re not doing a complete kitchen renovation, you can hire a custom cabinetry company independently to help work with you. Because every aspect is custom, expect to take lots of measurements, drawings, and 3D renderings. Putting plans completely together on paper helps both you and the designer make sure everything is exactly as you want before starting your project. 

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